Caino e Abele's Biography

Emerging anonymous artists, Caino & Abele, sensitive to environmental issues and the contradictions of our society compared to primitive societies:

The real savages are us! The so-called “primitive” populations have lived for centuries in full respect of nature, without depleting the environment, have developed sustainable lifestyles, suited to the lands they inhabit and have contributed over the centuries to the high diversity of species that surround them. We “civilized”, in a few generations, have destroyed everything! “

Their works are characterized by a strong emotional impact, with intense colours and strong brushstrokes and suffering and disturbing scenarios. The topics covered are those of environmental pollution and land exploitation.


“ Midnight Dream

I dream and rise slowly

The wind carries me far away

I see endless meadows and forests

Doors without bar

And peasants who don’t die on the spade

I see a white and an African

who smile and hold out their hands

then it’s a nightmare!

I see lifeless rivers and seas

The rotten earth

People who do not smile,

people who crash themselves, people who kill themselves

I have fallen into a deep abyss

No! It is not a nightmare

I’m already awake, I’m living and I see the world. “

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